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Ana Claudia Macedo: My Internship at Mazatlán FC

My experience in Mazatlán was incredible. It definitely exceeded my expectations.

My internship was the first time I had the opportunity to work in the football industry. My role was assist the Sporting Director of the Women’s Teams, following the day to day in the Centro Deportivo Benito Juaréz, the relations between the players and the team, the operational duties (materials, uniforms, distribution of tickets, etc.), the quick resolution of all the problems that arose. In short, assisting in the normal functioning of all activities related not only to the training but also the matches of the women’s teams.

In Mazatlán’s Women’s team, I followed the first team and the U17 team. I observed training, attended meetings with the coaching staff about the games and also in the preparation for the new season, their dismissed athletes and new hires, travelled with the teams, followed all the games. Work was not lacking! 

The Sports Director, Maria Fernanda Delmar, received me with open arms. She has not only helped me to adapt to the club and all the role functions, but she also trusted me and gave me the freedom to express my ideas and opinions. Together, at the end of my time in Mexico, we developed a strategic plan for the next two years.

I can say that I am very grateful that my first experience in the football industry was in women’s football. I realised how much women’s football in Mexico is valued, and how much it can and must grow. The final of the 2022 Clausura’s tournament had over 44,000 in attendance. Unfortunately we didn’t qualify, but it was beautiful to watch!

In Brazil we say: “Trabalhe com o que você ama e nunca mais precisará trabalhar na vida” (“work with something you love because you will never work again in your life“) from Confucio, and during my 3 months in Mazatlán that is what I did. The club is brand new, it has just turned 2 years and there is always something new to do, new ideas, new projects… and that is very exciting.

I’ve met some amazing people over there.  Whenever we had a little time, it was lunch, a coffee or even a game of cards… Simple moments, but that I remember them with great affection. Special thanks to the team for the patience with my Spanish, especially during the meetings when I needed to remind the team to speak a little slower so that I could understand what was going on: “Hey, everybody! I’m Brazilian! Slow down, please!”

And my new friends also started helping me in the restaurants, saving me from the Mexican chili. My God, I almost died! In Mazatlán they put pepper in everything, even on the fruit. And I am not used to eating spicy food, so these 3 months were a challenge. After a few incidents I learned to remember to ask the waiters about the sauces and made sure to say: “I’m not Mexican”. And from then on, I didn’t suffer anymore.

Mazatlán FC, The FBA: thank you so much for this unique experience that I will remember fondly forever! 3 months may seem like a short time, but as a mother, it was the first time I was separated from my 3-year-old son, and I can assure you that I thought a thousand times before accepting this challenge. And although it was not easy to have been away from the love of my life for that time, I know I needed to live this experience and I am very grateful for all the learning, and for that, Mazatlán Femenil will always have a captive place in my heart. 

I am still in touch with people from the club, follow the games and cheer for the team.

My team in Mexico is Mazatlan FC! ¡Vamos, Cañoneras!

Ana Claudia Internship with her Team

Ana Claudia is a 9th Edition Candidate of The FBA’s Professional Master in Football Business. She can be contacted via LinkedIn.

Mazatlán FC was the first Mexican club to partner with The FBA since March 2021, and has been a valuable collaborator since then and a great host for The FBA’s Candidates during their internship experiences.