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frequently asked questions


Once we have received all the necessary documents, the application process usually takes between 10-15 working days.

The Football Business Academy program delivers 60 ECTS credits along 4 Modules, which corresponds approximately between 1’500 and 1’800 hours of education (taking into account also personal work, assignments etc.)

We welcome all individuals who have a bachelor degree or a minimum of 3 years of work experience (in any industry), a strong motivation and the required level of English. Our Candidates come from various backgrounds: Business Administration, Communication and Marketing, International Relations, Finance, Sports Management, Hospitality, Law, Engineering, Coaching, and many others.

In order to maintain a quality standard for all FBA graduates, all modules are mandatory. The only exception applies to Candidates who already work in the football industry and prefer to continue working at their place of employment instead of doing an internship during Module 3.

Although it is not mandatory to participate in the Networking Week, we highly recommend it. You will have the chance to participate in a business event, which brings together experts and decision makers of the football industry.

By participating, you will meet your classmates and other members of The FBA Family, and you will have the chance to create an important portfolio of contacts, which is the key to success in your future career in the football industry. We cannot recommend your participation highly enough!

The classes will be given online only during Module 1 and 2. The format of online classes is really simple: through our dedicated private platform, Candidates will each week have access to:

  • A PDF document for each course.
  • A live group discussion session with each professor.

Each course has a total of 5 to 10 sessions and a certain number of required readings and assignments, depending on the course.

The Football Business Academy has been created to help you break into the business or management side of football. We are proud to have an average employment rate of 91% (within 3 months after graduation)

When you graduate from The FBA, your acquired knowledge, experience, and network will give you the possibility to work for football clubs, federations, agencies, or other football-related companies.

Here are some positions you might get upon graduating from The FBA:

  • Marketing 
  • Stadium operations
  • Sponsorship 
  • Event coordinator
  • Operations
  • Sales 
  • Project manager
  • Business Intelligence
  • Academy operations
  • Data Analyst
  • Communication …

Our Degree is not accredited but is recognized by the football industry thanks to, amongst other things, our Partners and Experts,  who all have careers in the world’s top organizations in the before mentioned industry.

The FBA puts all its efforts in helping its Candidates land a job in the football industry by providing an exclusive career platform and assistance to their Alumni. We are very proud to witness that 91% of our Alumni have gotten a job within 3 months after graduation on average.

The degree is a Professional Master in Football Business and it is signed by The FBA.

We do not offer scholarships due to high demand and exclusive groups but we offer a 5% discount for Candidates paying the full amount in one time within 2 weeks after the acceptance date. Also, we offer payment plans by installments. The flexibility depends on the application’s date.

Most internships in the football industry are not paid, though this can vary depending on the different country laws or company policies. This is one of the reasons why the first 2 modules are online, as it gives our Candidates the chance to continue having an income and save up, which is something that wouldn't be possible in other programs. In conclusion: We strongly suggest to prepare accordingly financially speaking - i.e. be able to cover a 3-month period with all expenses - so that Candidates are able to enjoy the best internship opportunities regardless of the destination or budget. Internships may also take place remotely, hybrid, or in the country where the Candidate lives.

Although Candidates cannot choose where exactly they will do their internship, our Partnerships team does take into account many factors including each Candidate’s skills and interests in working field and location, and works together with each Candidate individually to find the best opportunity out of the ones that are available to us in the market.

Candidates are responsible to find their own accommodation. Although some internship providers can offer help/guidance finding a place, you should allocate a budget to cover this as part of your expenses. 

All Candidates must find their own accommodation during their stay in Lisbon. The FBA has a partnership with Spotahome that provides a discount to our Candidates that choose to use their platform. This, together with other information and tips shared ahead of Module 4, will help to find suitable accommodation in the Lisbon area.

This depends on the type of accommodation you need and the location. Normally, we see that renting a room in a property to share may cost around €350-€500 monthly. If you do not wish to share, then a studio flat or 1-bedroom flat may be found for as little as €600-€800 per month.

During Modules 1 and 2, Candidates will not need a visa as classes are online. For the internship during Module 3, depending on the location of the internship you may need a visa (e.g. Schengen visa C if the internship takes place in Europe). And lastly, for Module 4 you will need a national visa for the duration of the Module. We will provide all the necessary support documents and guidance to help, but the process and the visa application have to be done by the Candidate.

Most of our Candidates are career switchers so they tend to have a number of years of work experience, in whichever sector this may be. The average age is 28, meaning that some do it soon after their Bachelor, while others only realize at 35-45 years old that they want to pursue a new career, this time in the football industry. 

We sometimes also get applicants from people working in the industry already. As an example, the former Marketing Manager of an important European football club took our Master and used it to improve and expand his knowledge, skills, network, and career ambitions. 

The value of continuous education is evident in the fact that everyone learns from each other and the FBA journey caters to the nuances of each individual’s objectives.

It depends on various factors (from the employer’s needs and budget to the Candidate’s performance) but often our Candidate’s first job in the football industry will come as a consequence of having had a football-related internship and having gone through The FBA. On average, 91% of our Candidates will land a job in the Football industry within the first three months after graduation.

Naturally, this may vary depending on different aspects such as: country, role, type of organization, etc. As you can imagine, a General Manager will not receive the same salary package as a Marketing Executive. Did you know that the monthly minimum wage in Spain is €1,000 EUR but is €6,500 in Switzerland?

You should make this request known to our Partnerships Team when you start the program so they may be able to consider it and ensure it is appropriate.

Yes. This is possible but you will need to duly communicate this to our Partnerships and Operations Teams.