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The Football Business Academy (hereinafter referred to as “The FBA”) is active in football-related education and event organization;

The FBA has an educational interest in carrying out an academic program to promote an innovative educational system for the business of football to form the future leaders of the football industry and facilitate their quick insertion into the market;

The FBA has implemented a professional Master degree program (hereinafter referred to as the “Master Program”) for students who wish to work in the football industry;

For the September 2024 Edition, the Master Program will begin on September 9th, 2024 and end in August 2025. For the March 2025 Edition, the Master Program will begin on March 10th, 2025 and end in February 2026.

If someone who applies for the Master Program is accepted by The FBA Admission Committee, he/she will receive a conditional acceptance letter, will be, as of this moment, considered as a potential student (hereinafter referred to as the “Potential Student”) and hereby commits to the following:

Article 1 – General Behavior

1.1.   The Potential Student undertakes to attend all seminars, lectures and visits, to prepare himself/herself by reading course material and handouts, to fully participate in the on-campus class discussions as well as in the on-line class discussions, and to contribute to the group dynamics in order to build a real “team spirit”.

1.2.   The Potential Student undertakes to behave in an appropriate manner and will have suitable outfits in particular during the seminars, lectures, field trips, summit and business events.

Article 2 – Tuition Fee

2.1.   The Potential Student will pay to The FBA the tuition fee amount (hereinafter referred to as the “Tuition Fee”) which is mentioned on the conditional letter he/she has received. The Tuition Fees becomes due on the dates stated on the conditional acceptance letter sent by The FBA to the Potential Student.

2.2.   The Potential Student may request the right to pay the Tuition Fee in several installments. The FBA unilaterally decides if it accepts or refuses the Potential Student request.

2.3.   The Potential Student agrees that the Tuition Fee mentioned in Article 2.1 above and/or each sums if the payment is made in several installments, once paid, is/are non-refundable in all circumstances. If the Tuition Fee or any sum(s) is/are paid by a third party (sponsor, partner, company, study loan provider…), the Potential Student commits to inform the third party in advance that the Tuition Fee and/or the sum(s) is/are non-refundable. The Potential Student also commits to obtain a duly signed letter from the third party confirming that he/she/it agrees to these Terms and Conditions. This letter shall be handed to The FBA Academic Coordinator no later than two weeks after the reception of the conditional acceptance letter.

2.4. The bank details needed for the payment will appear on the conditional acceptance letter.

2.5.   Notwithstanding Article 2.3 above, if the Master Program edition for which the Potential Student is accepted does not take place, the paid Tuition Fee or any paid sum(s) will automatically be refunded to the Potential Student or to the third party who made the payment, by The FBA, no later than the initial start date of the canceled edition.

2.6.  Should a Candidate fail to remit payment for tuition fees within two weeks of the invoice due date, the school reserves the right to suspend the Candidate from the program until such outstanding payment is received.

2.7.   If, for any reason, the Potential Student quits the Master Program before the end of it and before having paid all the whole Tuition Fee amount, he/she will still be bound by its payment obligation established under Article 2.1 above.

Article 3 – Insurance

3.1.   The Potential Student accepts that, for all the time he/she will spend on the Portuguese territory, it is his/her responsibility to ensure that he/she has a sufficient accident, health and any other insurances to the levels required by the Portuguese legislation.

3.2.  The Potential Student understands that Portugal has a special legislation about health insurance and that, depending on his/her personal situation, he/she may be required to subscribe to a Portuguese health insurance during the time he/she will spend on the Portuguese territory

Article 4 – Living Costs

4.1.   The Potential Student agrees that he/she must have sufficient funds available to support himself/herself during the Master Program period. These living costs are additional to the Tuition Fee mentioned in Article 2.1 above.

4.2.   Notwithstanding Article 4.1 above, The FBA will bear the following costs which are included in the Tuition Fee:

                    (i)   Accommodation during the Networking Week; and

                    (ii)  Transport and accommodation for all the field trips organized by The FBA during Module 4.

4.3.   The Potential Student understands that The FBA will not be able to offer him/her financial assistance should he/she find himself/herself in financial difficulties during the Master Program.

4.4.   Each accommodation during the Networking Week will host two students. If the Potential Student does not need The FBA accommodation services during the Networking Week, he/she will inform The FBA Academic Coordinator by email no later than 15 days after having accepted these Terms and Conditions.

Article 5 – Visa

5.1.   The Potential Student agrees that it is his/her responsibility to check whether he/she needs a visa for any or all of the countries of study (including the countries where the field trips will take place). If required, the Potential Student undertakes to make the visa applications by himself/herself.

5.2.  The FBA will not make visa applications for the Potential Student. The FBA Academic Coordinator can provide help in the form of visa support letters if needed.

5.3.   The Potential Student agrees that The FBA will not be responsible if he/she does not obtain any required visa.

Article 6 – Internship

6.1.  The FBA guarantees that an internship within one of The FBA’s partners or a football related institution will be offered to the Potential Student during the Master Program.

6.2.  The FBA will put out its best effort to make sure that the chosen partner or football related institution matches the Potential Student’s choice and preference.

6.3.  Should a Potential Student fail to complete its internship offered by The FBA due to personal reasons, by his/her own fault or because he/she did not accepted The FBA’s internship offer, he/she will not be offered a second internship offer and will have to find another internship by himself/herself in order to complete Module 3’s requirements.

Article 7 – Use of the Potential Student’s Name and Image

The Potential Student hereby authorizes The FBA to mention his/her name and to use his/her image in any commercial and marketing documents.

Article 8 – Medical

In case of disability or medical condition, the Potential Student may, if he/she wishes, inform the FBA Academic Coordinator about his/her condition.

Article 9 – Student Status

Nothing in this Agreement will create or be deemed to create a partnership, an agency relationship or an employment relationship between the Potential Student and The FBA.

Article 10 – Tax and Social Security Liability

10.1.   The Potential Student is solely responsible to determine and to comply with any obligations with respect to his/her tax and social security status. In particular, the Potential Student is responsible for:

                    (i)    being registered with the corresponding authorities when legally required by applicable laws;

                    (ii)   paying income taxes, indirect taxes such as VAT, and other similar taxes; and

                    (iii)  paying any social security contribution required by the applicable laws.

10.2.   The FBA will not make any registration, payment for tax or social security purposes on behalf or for the account of the Potential Student.

Article 11 – Confidentiality

11.1.   The Potential Student hereby undertakes to keep all the Terms and Conditions hereof strictly confidential and not to disclose them to any third party, unless required by law or any court or governmental authority. At all times, both during the Master Program and after the end of the Master Program, the Potential Student shall keep such information secret and shall refrain from disclosing it or using it in any way for his/her own benefit or for the benefit of any person other than The FBA.

11.2.   In case of violation of this confidentiality clause, the Potential Student shall pay to The FBA liquidated damages in the amount of CHF 30’000.- for each violation. The payment of liquidated damages shall not discharge the Potential Student from complying with this confidentiality undertaking.

Article 12 – Intellectual Property

12.1.   The Potential Student agrees that all documents, presentations and student projects produced during the Master Program, as well as exam papers, are the exclusive property of The FBA which has copyright thereon.

12.2.   In case of violation of this intellectual property clause, the Potential Student shall pay to The FBA liquidated damages in the amount of CHF 30’000.- for each violation. The payment of liquidated damages shall not discharge the Potential Student from complying with this intellectual property clause.

12.3.   If such documents, as mentioned in Article 11.1 above, should be made public by the Potential Student, his/her The FBA diploma would not be validated.

Article 13 – Miscellaneous

Amendments to this Terms and Conditions shall only be valid if made in writing.

Article 14 – Governing Law and Jurisdiction

14.1.   These Terms and Conditions are governed by Swiss law.

14.2.   Subject to The FBA and/or the Potential Student’s right to appeal to the Swiss Federal Supreme Court in Lausanne, any disputes arising from the existence, validity, interpretation, the application or the performance or non-performance of these Terms and Conditions, whether arising before or after its expiration, will be exclusively submitted to the courts of the canton of Geneva, Switzerland.