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FBA partnership - Yutang Sports

The FBA partners with Yutang Sports, the premier sports marketing platform in China

The Football Business Academy partners with Yutang Sports, the premier sports marketing platform in China. The partnership will see Yutang Sports promoting The FBA’s Professional Master in Football Business to the Chinese audience through its various digital channels, while also offering potential internships placements for FBA students who have an interest in helping Chinese football to develop. 

“The magnitude and pace at which football is developing in China begs for more professionals who understand the business of football and the most effective way to do that is through education. Through our partnership with Yutang Sports we hope to accelerate this process and connect with Chinas aspiring football leaders.”

– Kristian Dobrev, Partnerships Director, The FBA


“The Chinese sports industry is developing at a very rapid pace, especially the football industry. We hope through our collaboration with The Football Business Academy, Yutang Sports could realize its commitment to connecting China and the world via sports and provide more options for people who are passionate about the football industry in China.”

Tingting Zhang, International Business Manager, Yutang Sports.


A new frontier

The Football Business Academy is delighted to partner with Yutang Sports as it endeavors to help China reach their ambitious goals in football. Having witnessed the current landscape of football in China firsthand, The FBA has identified a growing need and demand for the country to educate football industry professionals so that they can lead this unprecedented transformation towards becoming a football superpower in the decades to come. While a lot of people are talking about players, coaches and academies, few mention the importance of having well-trained football business professionals to execute the nation’s football strategy and that’s where The FBA wants to step in become part of this transformation. Yutang Sports will draw on their extensive media reach in the sports industry to raise awareness about The FBA and its innovative program.


About Yutang Sports

Yutang Sports is a leading sports marketing company in China who believe in the power of sports to change the world. They provide specialized marketing and sponsorship services and strategic suggestions for teams and enterprises to improve their brand value. With over 20 years in the business of sports marketing and sponsorship, their experience, resources, and understanding of the Chinese sports market is exceptional.


About The FBA

The FBA, The Football Business Academy, is a new educational institution dedicated to the football industry. It offers an innovative and comprehensive Professional Master in Football Business which has been developed in a collaborative way with football industry experts around one foremost objective: to provide students with all the necessary tools and an optimal learning environment in order to succeed in this passionate and dynamic industry.