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Octavio Rascón: My Internship at CONCACAF

Ever since I finished high school I knew I wanted to work in the football industry, that is what took me on my path to study a Bachelor in Sports Management and then to The FBA.

In between my studies I worked as a Sports Director in a youth academy in Mexico City, but after learning about The FBA program I knew they could help me achieve more, and that came true when the Partnerships team led by Kristian and Marcin did an amazing job in spite of the world wide pandemic, helping me land an internship in the Commercial Department at CONCACAF.

When the opportunity came to work for one of football´s six (6) continental federations I took the opportunity very seriously and after a quick interview process I gladly accepted. Even though the commercial area was not the one I had the most experience with I was no stranger to the sponsorship side of football and found it quite interesting and attractive.

During the internship I had the opportunity to help with various projects, tasks and assist several partners during renewals and competitions like the CONCACAF Nations League and I took charge of an investigation project about how CONCACAF can strengthen their position in Mexico and attract more local fans and sponsors in the country. All of this made me feel more than just a regular intern and made me enjoy using the tools learned in classes and experience throughout the years and especially in The FBA.

Although the internship was remote because of the COVID-19 situation the work environment was amazing and the team made me feel very much a part of CONCACAF every day and the direct and constant communication with the CCO Heidi Pellerano was an amazing learning opportunity.

I want to thank everyone at The FBA and at CONCACAF for making this possible. This has definitely been an unforgettable experience and a huge step in my career.

Octavio is a Candidate of The FBA’s Professional Master in Football Business 7th Edition. He can be contacted via LinkedIn.