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The FBA internship experience | Marco Onorato Girona FC

David Careaga: My FBA Internship experience at Club Bolivar

My internship experience at Club Bolivar has been an invaluable part of The FBA’s Professional Master in Football Business, offering extensive knowledge and experience in the football industry.

Throughout my time as Bolivar’s Commercial Department intern, I undertook diverse tasks such as membership benchmarking, contributing to business development, and preparing a fan engagement report. Away from the office, I actively participated in match-day operations and supported various club activities, including the member’s tournament, the opening of the new store, and the heartwarming Tembladerani event where kids received Christmas toys from the club.

The timing of my internship coincided with the ongoing ‘Plan Centenario‘ (Century Plan), Bolivia’s most significant sporting project. This opportunity placed me within a highly professional and dedicated team, setting the standard for navigating the industry. Being a part of this team gave me a genuine sense of what it means to be associated with a major club.

Engaging with both members and fans provided me with invaluable insights and a deep appreciation for the passion they have for the club. 

Moreover, being present at the final of the Bolivian Football Professional Division and celebrating our victory on the pitch alongside the players and the entire club staff was an absolutely incredible moment! I never thought someday I’d have the chance to do something like that. 

Professionally, I am immensely grateful to Club Bolivar and its staff. I made the most of this opportunity by absorbing knowledge from every corner of the organization. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Juan Carlos Campero for his unconditional support, Fabian Iriarte for his guidance, and Alejandro Escobar for his help. 

For future FBA Candidates, I recommend being prepared to embrace any challenge during the guaranteed internship experience. These experiences play a crucial role in our professional development; every moment is a chance to learn and grow. If given the opportunity to intern at Club Bolivar, seize it.

Thanks to The FBA for making this incredible journey possible. Never forget to trust the process.

David Careaga is part of the 12th Edition of The FBA’s Professional Master in Football Business.