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Santiago Praolini, a FBA student

Santiago Praolini: Why Studying At The FBA Is The Best Investment Of My Life

Nowadays, in the era where every second is extremely important for everyone and we are busier than ever, technology has appeared to give us incredible tools that facilitate and help us to achieve our goals. In Football, with the recent launch of VAR (Video Assistant Referee), goal-line technology to avoid “ghost goals”, and of course the evolution of the equipment of footballers, the software to improve their performance and to be careful of every aspect in the game, have helped us to have a better game than we had before.

Following this line, I feel The Football Business Academy adapted to the modern world and there appeared an alternative for traditional education. For us – the ones that want to be part of the football industry off the pitch – The FBA gives the opportunity to people all around the world to access an amazing program that develops, in every sense, your skills to be successful in the beautiful game. The diversity of the content and the facility of the online modules help you to continue doing your normal activities while learning a lot from the professors and classmates that live around the world and have different points of view that totally enrich your knowledge. This is like having a student and cultural exchange, but in your home or office, and also learning about your passion.

The flexibility that the online modules provide, where you can take the course any time during the day or week, makes it even more interesting. The live online classes, the previous videos for the sessions and the documents uploaded at the start of the course, provides everything and more that you need to organize yourself and make the most of every live session. In comparison with the traditional way, the time that you invest in transportation going to a traditional university should be used for study or to watch football games!

The complement between the online modules with the internship and the field trips makes an unbelievable mix between theory and practice that will give all of us an enormous advantage in the industry.

As I mentioned before, the flexibility, globalization and network developed during the course, confirms that The FBA is the best option in the industry and makes me feel proud to interact and exchange opinions with the best professors, classmates and of course, part of this family that tries to develop you in every aspect, every day.

Santiago Praolini is a Candidate of The FBA’s Professional Master in Football Business, expected to graduate in August 2018. He can be contacted via LinkedIn.