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FBA internship at Cancun FC

My FBA Internship at Cancún FC by Francisco Bita Bota

I did my internship at Cancún FC, and my experience couldn’t have been better. Travelling and living in Cancun, Mexico, has been an absolutely unforgettable experience, and I have only good things to say about this incredible city and its people.

When I arrived in Cancún, I was warmly welcomed by everyone. I arrived on a Friday, which was fortunate because it was the opening day of “La Nueve” (the new bar inside the stadium). I was greeted by the Vice President of the club Giovanni Solazzi and my colleagues Angel Lorca and Melanie Perez. It was an excellent reception because it was my first time seeing the stadium in person and it gave me the chance to get to know my future colleagues better. Over the rest of the weekend, I was invited by some coworkers to explore the wonderful beaches of Cancún. And on Monday, we had our first home game!

The first few days were a whirlwind of emotions, but I was very well received and quickly realized that the next three months were going to be unforgettable for me.

At the club, I interned in the Commercial Department and had the unique opportunity to be directly involved in a range of projects. During my internship, I worked on both ongoing and newly initiated projects. One of the key projects I participated in was a sustainability initiative aimed at enhancing the club’s environmental responsibility. Beyond sustainability, I was actively involved in various commercial ventures, though I cannot delve into specific details. At this club, I truly felt like my opinions and ideas were welcome. This is probably the best part about doing your internship at a club like Cancún FC: your opinion matters.

Working in a relatively new and small team, established just three years ago, meant that I was not just another intern. The size of our team necessitated involvement in multiple facets of the club’s operations, from marketing activations to match-day operations. This was amazing because it provided a great opportunity to learn how a football club operates in every department. By participating and observing how everything functions, you learn much faster.

Apart from my responsibilities in the office, I had numerous opportunities to engage with the marketing team during various activations. These experiences were invaluable, allowing me to interact with the community and understand the club’s role in the broader social and cultural context. On game days, I was involved in match operations, ensuring that everything ran smoothly, from logistics to fan engagement, always supervised by my colleague Santiago Salcedo.

My internship at Cancún FC coincided with an exceptionally thrilling period for the club. Shortly before my arrival, the team won the Apertura championship title, setting the stage for a dramatic campaign that would culminate in the “Campeón de Campeones” final during my tenure. Although we lost in the quarter-finals of the Clausura tournament, we knew we still had a final to play. Every year, the winners of the Apertura and Clausura tournaments play a decisive two-leg final to determine the season champion. We won in a penalty shootout, adding a bit more drama to my experience. I had the opportunity to celebrate alongside the players on the open bus during a parade throughout the city of Cancún and later at the private party organized for players, staff, and their families. This is an experience I will never forget—one of those things you dream of when you’re just a kid.

As I reflect on these three months filled with challenges, achievements, and learning, I must express my profound gratitude to those who have guided and supported me throughout this journey. I am particularly thankful to our Vice-President Giovanni Solazzi, to my supervisor and good friend Angel Lorca, whose guidance was invaluable, and to all my colleagues who worked closely with me. In three months, I’ve made lifelong friendships, which really shows the family-like atmosphere of this club.

Francisco is a 13th Edition Candidate of our Professional Master in Football Business.

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